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People Love us on Yelp

"I go to eat here entirely too often, and I never regret it."-- Ge O.

"Incredible falafel sandwiches, wraps, hummus plates, desserts, and SO much more" -- Kyle W.

"Food is great and such a deal for the price. I always enjoy lunches here" -- Doug K.

"By far, Blue Front is my favorite place to dine at while shopping on Haight Street" -- Jenny W.

"Everything I order from them is delicious. The portions are huge and the staff are super friendly. They also have free WiFi which is great plus." -- Rosa H.

"So last night I realized I was officially obsessed with Blue Front Cafe's lentil soup... i love their falafels, they're flavorful and extra crispy! and the chicken was delicious too, and so is their hummus. mmm " -- Jeanie L.

"For a deli/coffee shop, this place is amazing. I'm in there at least every other day. Everyone that works there is very friendly and it's family owned. The food is consistently good and fresh. Fantastic sandwiches and wraps (I love the pastrami ruben and my fiance loves the lentil soup) and middle eastern dishes. In fact, I was in there again today!" -- Jeremy R.

"I like everything about this place -- food, cafe, atmosphere" -- Chris S.

"They always have excellent vegetarian sandwiches and don't get stingy on the good stuff like avocado" -- Laura R.

Even Train (the band) love us :)

"Blue front was the first coffeehouse to give Train a regular gig."

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